Hi Yuri! Tell me something about you. Where are you from,family,life etc.
I am Yurizan Beltran that is my real birth given name. I am born and raised in Long Beach CA. Both of my parents are Mexican, they cam to Los Angeles in the late 70’s fastest way to lose belly fat. I have a huge family. My mother is from Zacatecas and my dad is from Sinaloa.

How did you get into Porn Industry?
I am not sure how I got into the adult industry. I started off shooting for Lowrider magazine and photographers started asking me if I wanted to do glamour work. I said, “Why not?” Before you knew  it I was butt naked modeling in front of a camera. Then I finished school at the age of 22 was a nurse for a good year and realized I wanted to continue in the adult industry. So i became a Porn Star.

How long have you been in the Industry?
I started off modeling nude at 18 filmed my first porno in 2010. You do the math… Continue Reading



Hi Ruby! Tell me something about you. Where are you from, family, life, etc.
I’am from San Francisco, CA! I grew up all over the Bay Area, Marin, Sunset District, Vellejo, Sonoma County.

How did you Get into the Porn Industry?
I grew up in Novato. Which used to be the porn capital of the world in the 70s. I had classmates who’s parents were porn producers and eventually classmates who entered the porn industry. I used their experiences as a resource and ended up signing for Hustler at AVN my first year in porn in 2006.

How long have you been in the industry?
I’ve been in the industry since 2006 🙂

Were you nervous when you started shooting?
I still get nervous when I’m not in front of the camera, it’s that nervousness that I constantly yearn for in life. My motto is, “If you don’t make yourself nervous at least once a day, you’re not living up to your potential”. Continue Reading