Hi Yuri! Tell me something about you. Where are you from,family,life etc.
I am Yurizan Beltran that is my real birth given name. I am born and raised in Long Beach CA. Both of my parents are Mexican, they cam to Los Angeles in the late 70’s fastest way to lose belly fat. I have a huge family. My mother is from Zacatecas and my dad is from Sinaloa.

How did you get into Porn Industry?
I am not sure how I got into the adult industry. I started off shooting for Lowrider magazine and photographers started asking me if I wanted to do glamour work. I said, “Why not?” Before you knew ┬áit I was butt naked modeling in front of a camera. Then I finished school at the age of 22 was a nurse for a good year and realized I wanted to continue in the adult industry. So i became a Porn Star.

How long have you been in the Industry?
I started off modeling nude at 18 filmed my first porno in 2010. You do the math… Continue Reading